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Vuoi farci una domanda? Forse qui troverai la risposta che cerchi.

  • At what age can I ride a Vespa 125?
    It takes 16 years of age to ride a Vespa 125 and a special license (patentino). The rental holder must in any case be an adult.
  • What license do you need to drive a Vespa 125?
    To drive a Vespa up to 125cc you need a license A (or license B).
  • How many of us can use a Vespa 125?
    In 2 people, driver and passenger.
  • Does the Vespa have gears?
    No, they are all automatic.
  • Are Vespas rented with a helmet and fuel?
    The necessary helmets (1 or 2) are supplied with the Vespa. The Vespa is delivered with a full tank of fuel upon collection and must be returned with a full tank upon delivery.
  • What is included in the rental price?
    The rental price includes: • Liability insurance • Helmets Prices include VAT.
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